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illoom. is an exciting communication brand by ECKART, which we use to communicate our vision to brand owners and designers. Even printers can appreciate the illoom. projects that include our Trend Colour Forecasts.

The new illoom. Trend Colour Forecast for 2020 is now available. Our forecast features two collections of striking, printed metallic colours.

HOME SWEET HOME – 'The Fragility of Being' is an assortment of rich, glowing shades that encourages you to experience the sensation of light. Ranging from our warm but bright silver, Serious Chrome, to fawn, to orange and brown.

ILLUMINATING OPPOSITES – 'Open to Experiments' is a range of two-toned, dark shades that are all about colour reacting under light. Revelling in the luminescence and shimmer that light creates on dark green, purple, brown and our cool, dark silver shade, Elegant Slate.

Trend Colour Videos

Below you will find informative and entertaining videos demonstrating the process that our Trend Colour Brochures were produced.

Trend Colour Forecasts Downloads

Below you will find our Trend Colour Forecast downloads. You can downloads the videos that are shown about, or download the PDFs of the process.

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