The specialist in demanding aqueous systems

Better stability is hard to imagine! STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus – our strongest HYDROLAN variant – was specially developed for demanding systems and is your specialist for very demanding requirements. Our advanced technological development has led to more compact SiO2 encapsulation with the same raw materials. The results: significantly better stability properties, including excellent gassing stability – even with very aggressive paint formulations.

The product's attractive visual properties and the usual excellent circulation stability which you are familiar with from previous HYDROLAN products have also been implemented successfully in the new STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus series. STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus is ideally suited for critical aqueous systems. Along with its impressive stability, the series is also capable of outstanding, high-gloss metallic effects.

Thanks to their compact SiO2 encapsulation, the aluminum pigments of STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus can
even withstand the most aggressive components.

The image shows that the gassing stability of STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus even carries over to very challenging aqueous systems.